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1 min readOct 10


Greetings from Daren Market!

Daren Market serves as your gateway to a novel e-commerce experience, tailored for the 3.0 era.

We always express our heartfelt appreciation to our NFT holders. Your unwavering support has been instrumental, and for this, we are sincerely grateful. In recognition of your continued patronage, we are excited to unveil the special rewards earmarked for our esteemed NFT holders!

Please refer to the following links to view this month’s reward recipients, along with the detailed breakdown of their respective payouts:

Aug, 2023: https://bit.ly/46kCsfa

Sep, 2023: https://bit.ly/3LPzo2E

These reward programs exemplify our commitment to giving back to our community and catalyzing the growth of the Daren Market ecosystem.

We are profoundly appreciative of the ongoing engagement and support from all our community members. Rest assured, we are steadfast in our resolve to unveil more exhilarating updates shortly.

Thank you for your esteemed partnership with Daren Market!

Warm regards,

The Daren Market Team



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