Daren Market X XCart Limited Edition Discount NFT Minting Wallet Address Check

Daren Market
1 min readOct 12


Hello, Daren Market.

Daren Market is Web 3.0 Leading Cryptocurrency-Based On-Chain Services Market for Freelancers and E-Commerce.

Wallet Address Check Link


Thanks to lots of interest from community members, Daren Market NFT minting date is approaching one day ago.

We announce to you the list of submissions of Daren Market X Xcart Limited Edition Discount NFT minting wallet collected up to now.

❗Check it by connect your wallet.

❗If the wallet address on the list can not be checked, please contact us below. We will help you reflect on it.

1️⃣ If you won the external event (DTC way) but aren’t registered, you should contact the Collab manager of the event organizer.

2️⃣ If you won the internal event and had the discord role but you are not registered, please contact us for in ⁠discord.

please refer that the deadline, final wallet submission, is 6:00(UTC) on 13th Oct, 2023.



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