Celebrate with Daren Market! Summer Shopping Fiesta

Daren Market
2 min readAug 10


Hello, Welcome to Daren Market.

Daren Market is a leading on-chain market that helps freelancers and e-commerce brands grow and scale.

Event Details

  • Period: Aug 11 2023 ~ Until all prizes are claimed
  • Reward Pool: 1000 USDT + 5000 DT (500 BOXES)


  • NFT Holder: Access to Reward Pool (500 BOXES), Monster NFT Level-up, and a discount on service fees.
  • General User: Access to a limited pool of up to 200 BOXES.

Event Steps

  • Step 1: Make a trade over 10 USDT in the Daren Market.
  • Step 2: Enter the Sweepstakes
  • Step 3: Win Reward Boxes and advance your Monster NFT to the Enlightenment Level (Level 2).

Daren Market is dedicated to growing with our amazing community.

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates and opportunities from Daren Market in the future.

Thank you.



Daren Market

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